My name is Tessa Stacy, owner of the Wildflower Collective. When I began the brainstorming process of this shop, I immediately knew the direction I wanted to take it. My goal for Wildflower is to support women creatives who share my passion for all things nature, house plants and art. 
At some of the most difficult points in my life I turned to my creative side to keep my head above water. Whether it was photography, pottery, or piecing together an array of my favorite philodendrons - I felt at peace. I wanted to share that excitement with others, while at the same time supporting fellow women business owners, just as my circle of gals have supported me. 
I'm from a small town in northeast Tennessee, home of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains and the most beautiful sunsets you've ever seen. It's hard not to be inspired when constantly surrounded by all of this gorgeous creation. What really inspires me, though, are the women in my life who have given me so much faith and hope. My family is full of spirited, kind women. I have close girlfriends who push me to chase my dreams. Sisters that always go along with my ideas, no matter how far-fetched they seem. 
I am the woman I am because of the women I know. They are my real heroes.